Q: This module sucks! Nothing is displaying!

A: As Aaron Rodgers said, "Relax". Authenticating with LinkedIn requires very specific actions in a very specific order. Enable Debug Mode within the module parameters and refresh the page that has the module. Look for the message that LinkedIn returned and continue reading.

Q: I am getting the following error:
This resource is no longer available under v1 APIs.

A: Read Sunsetting LinkedIn Company Updates for more information.

Q: I am getting the following error:
The token used in the request has expired.

A: The LinkedIn access token expires every 60 days—an unfortunate limitation imposed by LinkedIn. To renew the access token, follow the 4 steps under Request Authorization Code and save the module.

Q: I am getting the following error:
Member {x} does not have permission to get company {y}

A: All calls to Companies API endpoints will require the authenticated user to be flagged as an administrator of the LinkedIn Company Page that is the target of the API call. You become the administrator of a page when you create it. If the page already exists, you will have to contact the existing administrator to grant admin access to other LinkedIn members.

Q: I am getting the following error:
Empty oauth2_access_token

A: The Authorization Code is only valid for 20 seconds—a security measure imposed by LinkedIn. If you took longer than 20 seconds to paste in the Authorization Code and click Save, you will receive this error. To fix this, follow the 4 steps under Request Authorization Code, but be quick about it!

Q: Feed images are not displaying.

A: If you are using the excellent and popular Lazy Load for Joomla (LLFJ) plugin, you will have to exclude the URL that LinkedIn uses for serving up its feed images. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings tab of LLFJ
  2. In the Exclude URLs textarea, enter
  3. Set Toggle selection - Include URLs to Yes
  4. Save