Getting Started

  1. Go to Extensions > Manage, click the Choose File to browse to the module ZIP and click the Upload & Install button.
  2. Go to Extensions > Module and edit the LinkedIn Company Updates module.
  3. In a separate browser tab, go to the LinkedIn Developer Network.
  4. Click My Apps. If you have not already logged into LinkedIn, do so now.
  5. Click Create Application.
  6. Fill out and Submit the Create a New Application form.
  7. Under OAuth 2.0, in the Authorized Redirect URLs field, enter the URL as it is displayed within the instructions under the Create LinkedIn App and click Add.

  8. Click Update.
  9. Fill in the Client ID and Client Secret and click Save.
  10. Click the Request Authorization Code hyperlink.
  11. On the LinkedIn authorization dialog box, enter your LinkedIn account password and click Allow access.
  12. Click Copy and close the Authorization Code browser tab.
  13. Paste the Authorization Code into the Authorization Code field.
  14. Save immediately. LinkedIn expires the Authorization Code in 20 seconds.
  15. To obtain the Company ID, visit the LinkedIn page of the company you are getting the feeds from. The Company ID is the numeric last section of the URL. In the example below, the Company ID is 11266349.
  16. The Feed Limit defaults to 8, but can be adjusted up to 50.